Monday, August 31, 2009

A Golden Moment on the Gold Line

Boarding the Metro Gold Line at Union Station, I encountered a rather nice problem: too many bikes on the metro! Granted, my friends and I were traveling as a group of four, but nevertheless, we were joined by two additional cyclists. Several more were on and off at later stops. We maxed out at 7 bikes on one train, and this being at 9 pm on a Sunday!

Among these cyclists was Bianca, who was certainly the best-dressed of all the passengers, including those without bikes. While wearing black patent slingbacks, she told me that the clips on her pedals make riding in heels a piece of cake. Cycle chic to a tee.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Flip, Flop, So Fly


Rockin' a very California frat boy look. Plaid shorts, flip flops, and a backpack. Laid Back.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Start 'em off Young

Father N Son Blue

Getting kids out on their bikes is fantastic. Riding over to the Grove at the Farmers' Market is always a nice little trip.

Bike Day LA Tricky Vid.

You can check out some of the people I caught in action at Bike Day LA.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunset Junction Street Festival Bikes

Sunset Junction Submarines

Sunset Junction Couple

Sunset Junction Pause

Several bicycles had the opportunity to enjoy the festivities at the Sunset Junction Street Fair right alongside their people. The three bikes in the top photo were even enjoying the Submarines Performance.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bicycle Kitchen Lock Up

Lock Hunt

She looks very retro. Very 1940s nurse updated. Anyway I believe she was on her way to the Bicycle Kitchen. The Hubby used to try to convince me to go there on Monday night for Bicycle Bitchen but I think he's given up on that idea. I confess I am intimidated by the "real" cycling ladies.

Door Zone Safety

I just found this video today and I am kinda freaked out. I am a new cyclist and have general cycling fear (I also have driving fear so maybe I should just call it fear if being in automotive traffic) Anyway I ride pretty far away from parked Cars particularly since The Hubby was injured by getting doored. I do not however ride quite that far from them because cars already pass uncomfortably close to me (I mean close enough that I could reach out and touch them) too often. The bike lanes here are in the Door Zone. Seriously they start like 10 inches from where the cars should be parked.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

Graceful Dismount


Seriously I thought this chick was awesome. Of course I only had my slow camera with me. She looked fabulous riding down the street in her white dress and scarf, sunnies, and sandals. Then she did the awesome dismount gliding coast right into the store with one foot on the pedal thing. Someday I'll be that graceful.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Riding Bikes with the Dutch - Movie Trailer 2

Seeing LA's lovely 405 freeway here made me feel all tense and glad that I have a bike (or two or more).

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bike Day LA

Heather and I rode over to Bike Day LA after testing out one of the routes that we are considering for our meet and greet. We looked a bit out of place with our bikes being of the multi-speed european city bike style. I had my Biomega, heather had her Batavus, and The Hubby had the bakfiets. There were a lot of fixes and skinny jeans and tasty tasty izze. Good times.

Bike Day LA Sweet

Bike Day LA Foot Down Contest

Bike Day LA Lavender

Bike Day LA Izze

Bike Day LA Mocs

Bike Day LA Crowd

Bike Day LA Wheel Push

Monday, August 17, 2009

Introducing Heather

Meet Heather

You'll recognize Heather from an earlier post. Well, Heather is going to help me out here on Los Angeles Cycle Chic. She lives in a different part of town so will have a different POV. She is also going to help me plan the LA Cycle Chic Meet & Greet. Yay, Heather.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Corral: Bakfiets, baby!


Oh Yeah. We got a bakfiets. It is an unnamed machine which we again found on craigslist. I probabaly need to block craigslist from my house. There isn't room for any other bikes. It isn't a fancy Bakfiets bakfiets but it is ours and we didn't have to spend our entire tiny savings on it. Yay. Supposedly it was a sample that someone ordered and was considering selling, or something to that effect. If anyone has a clue where this thing came from I'd be excited to know. Anyway we thought it would be a good way to try out a bakfiets and see how they fit our lifestyle. Turns out it is pretty awesome.



When we brought it home We both tested riding it with the daughter in the box. The Hubby was really good at it. I on the other hand had quite a bit more difficulty getting used to the way it handles. I had quite a time trying not to crash into the buildings and fences I rode past. Pretty much the whole ride was "woah, wooooah, aah, woah, AAAAH WALL!"

Today The Hubby took the bakfiets for a much, much, longer ride. And found it to be pretty nice though it is not light (neither is our daughter) and the 3 speeds are not perhaps the easiest for pedaling said not light bike up the hills near our house. We are going to try lowering the gearing since The Hubby only pedaled in 1st gear all day. We may have to add gears if that doesn't work. It would be nice if it had a canopy though.

Anyway I am so glad we found this. I was not happy about having Miss S behind me when I rode with her. Though I may still have to sometimes having an option is great.

Edited to add: That is not the way Miss S wore her safety belt while we were riding and she did wear a helmet following state law.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Recent-ish Visit to FPLA

Torker & Basil

Flying Pigeon Has Torkers in stock. I test rode several, but this one was the prettiest. Though it was the prettiest it nearly killed me. OK that is totally hyperbole but I did get stuck in the middle of an intersection because my skirt got caught in the brakes. Luckily for me it was a totally quiet residential intersection with no cars present on the road. I don't think I'll be riding any bikes with rim brakes in a loose flowy jersey knit skirt anytime soon. The Cargo Torker was a nicer ride (probably because it is heavier which I am finding I favor at least for short rides) but again the one in the photo was the prettiest and the Basil bag matches. By the way if you are petite and reading this some of the Torkers that Josef has in are tiny, so you may want to check them out. I felt like a clown trying to ride the little ones. The Torkers are a nice bike to consider if you have been considering the Breezer. I think the ride is very similar but the Torkers are a different look

FP TeamworkAlign Center

This group of friends showed up while I was visiting.



Best part of the trip was that I got to ride the Kronan! I was fortunate to turn up at the same time Richard from Bicycle Fixation was dropping it off with it's new owner Josef. Josef let me take it for a spin. Even though it was not a step through and awkwardly tall for me to be riding in my previously mentioned loose flowy jersey skirt it was a blast. The bike is very heavy and has fat tires on it which gave it the smoothest ride ever. Seriously I barely felt the curb. The saddle was surprisingly comfy and it just glides like magic. If I were going to order a Kronan I would definitely have to get the step through and at least the 3 speed because the single was a bit much for my wimpy legs. The Hubby loved it was well. It was just sooooooo much fun! We were very tempted to order a pair when we got home. There is a more thorough review from a very different perspective than I can offer of it over on the Bicycle Fixation site. I have to admit his photos are prettier.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Metro Mobiky Man

Metro Mobiky Man

I was so excited to see this Mobiky Genius on the bus this morning. Since seeing the Mobiky on Copenhagenize I have been intrigued by folding bikes. I take the bus a lot more recently and I would love to able to take my bike on with me. Stupid Metro buses only have room for like two bikes on the front. I only had my mobile as a camera so the photo isn't top notch. He was super skilled in managing this bike. I swear he was on it and pedaling it the moment the second wheel hit the concrete when he exited the bus. Sweet. Looks like I have one more thing I need to add to my corral. Mobiky, Brompton, or Dahon?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sunset Mixte

Sunset Mixte

She was on her way to the Silverlake Farmers Market preparing to cross 5 lanes of traffic. I don't look that calm when I try that maneuver. I am going to hope that it comes with experience.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Olympic Pedestrians


That is a lot of hair and a lot of leg.

The Corral: Cuteness AKA The Skuut



This is my daughters only bike in the corral (so far). It's cute.

The Corral: Batavus Personal Bike





This is the poor beater of the bunch. The Gazelle TdF is beat up but this, . . . this poor bike has been stripped and abused. It probably needs therapy. I have only gotten to ride this one once because I need new tubes for it but it is the most fun to ride of all my bikes and the easiest to pedal up the hill of death on my block for some reason. The bike has lost all of its gears, it O-Lock half of the chain case, the coat guards. Well the only things left are the saddle, fenders, rack, and pedals.

The story we got from the guy who sold it to us said that these were a part of a program to provide free transportation in Holland, but the program failed. People came in to the city with trucks and stole tons of the bikes. Somehow this bike ended up here in LA and is definitely showing it's troubled past. I don't know if it is true or not though.

This is currently the last bike of mine in The Corral. Don't know how long that is going to last though.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Avoiding The Parking Enforcement


Hipster-casual at the Silverlake Farmers Market. This is the best way to avoid getting a parking ticket in my neighborhood. Riding a bike is awesome. You can just lock it up to a tree as long as you need. Whether you are strolling through the FM for an hour or spending 4 shopping on Sunset it always costs the same.
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