Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hot Bikes of Interbike: Nihola

Interbike Nihola 1

Interbike Nihola 2

Oh Nihola. Isn't this bike dreamy! I have to admit that I only took it for a brief ride around Interbike on carpet, but It was really fun. It was an easy bike to get on and ride. The little one thought it was fun to ride. It has an teeny tiny learning curve. I have been told, by a fairly reliable source that it can be tippy. Though said source is a huge fan of his bakfiets an prefers 2 wheels to three. The guys at Curbside Cycle can get you one.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tandem Tuesday 2


He is all alone on the tandem which looks a little sad. Although he doesn't seem to mind it. Maybe he was just on his way to/from pick up/drop off his significant other.

Hot Bikes of Interbike: Gazelle

Interbike Gazelle 2

Interbike Gazelle 1

Gazelle was at Interbike with the beautiful Toer Populaire as well as a few others including the Bloom and the Cabby. Anne-Marij was really excited to share the Gazelle news in info with me. She was also talking about some fun things that she is working on which I hope I will hear back more on that so I can share.

I was also really excited to meet Stephan Schier from Dutch Bike Co. Chicago. I was particularly excited because he knows Dottie from Let's Go Ride a Bike, which is one of my favorite blogs. He was very cool to talk to.

Hot Bikes of Interbike: Handsome Cycle Co.

Interbike Handsome Cycle Co. 3

The gentlemen of Handsome Cycle Co. out did themselves with their booth at Interbike. Everything was cohesive in the style and presentation. The press kits they had were amazing and their business cards are fabulous. It was refreshing to see that the care and attention to detail that they have in their framesets extends beyond just the bikes. That is solid brand identity right there.

Interbike Handsome Cycle Co. 2

I have to say I was pleased to see the new She Devil single top tube mixte frame sitting along side the Handsome Devils. Nice.

Interbike Handsome Cycle Co. 1

Ben Morrison and Jesse Erickson of Handsome Cycle Co. are two pretty swell guys with sweet bikes.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Corral: Pashley Sonnet Bliss!

Yeah so, My name is Cosmo and I'm a bikeaholic. Whew, it feels really good to get that off my chest.

Anyway now that I have admitted that I have a problem let me introduce to you my brand spanking new Pashley Sonnet Bliss.

The Corral Pashley Sonnet 2

Spotted at Interbike. The Claret color was just too beautiful. Then Lindsey mentioned that it was a pain to take all the bikes all the way back to Arizona so I had to do the only thing any decent person would have done. I offered to take the Sonnet off of their hands. How could I not. Lindsey, Loring, and Adrian were just too nice to be burdened with a pesky new beautiful bike. They went home a little lighter and I went home to make my living room a bit more crowded. Viva Las Vegas!

The Corral Pashley Sonnet 3

This is Dave. Dave is from Pashley. He looked over my bike for me after Interbike was over to make sure that I could be pretty sure it would be safe to ride when I got it home. Thanks again Dave!

The Corral Sonnet

Woohoo! I couldn't even be bothered to adjust the seat post height before I took her out for a little spin. Bring on the LACC Meetup! Oh, wait I am supposed to be planning that. Well, I'd better get on it so that I can get all dressed up with a place to go.

Now about that overcrowded living room, anyone need a bike(or several)?

Hot Bikes of Interbike: Pashley

I have to say that I fell in love with Pashley at Interbike! I mean I knew they were a good company before and their bikes are beautiful and everything but, Adrian Williams of Pashley and Lindsey and Loring Kohrt of Belmont Distribution were just amazingly awesome. Adrian was so warm and friendly and passionate about Pashley and not to mention handsome with an accent. I really appreciate that he took time to chat with me. Lindsey and Loring were great about telling me about the bikes and Lindsey was just the sweetest person. If she didn't live so far away I would have to make her my BFF.

Interbike Pashley 1
Adrian, Yours Truly, and Lindsey

Interbike Pashley 2
Pashley Poppies and a Princess and a glimpse of the Clubman in the background.

Pashley Clubman
Borrowed from Be.Spoke
The Pashley Clubman which The Hubby is in love with. "Three speed fixed" was music to his ears.

Interbike Pashley Sonnet 3
Pashley Sonnet Bliss.

Hot Bikes of Interbike: Batavus

Interbike Batavus 1

Here is a look at one side of the Batavus Booth. Unfortunately the photos of the other side which featured the BUB were too blurry and underexposed to be of any use.

Interbike Batavus 2

Here are Fred and Frank from Batavus.

Interbike Batavus Bub

Also got to see the Batavus BUB. The "paper clip" bike. It is super modern heavy duty industrial looking with fat cushy tires. I didn't get to test it out but it looks pretty cool. Not featured in this photo were white and black BUBs.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Biking the Dog 2


Just so the entire day is not about Vegas since after all this is Los Angeles Cycle Chic.

Interbike Gear: Gates Carbon Drive

Interbike Carbon Drive 1

The sign says:
Wear white pants while riding to the coffee shop, stand in a crowded elevator with your bike, throw it into the back of your friends new car.

I love that they are taking the idea of living with your bike and providing a way to make that easier.

Interbike Carbon Drive 2

Gates Carbon Drive is a great idea that seems that it would work well with internal hub gears and city bikes. Since I haven't tested it that is only a guess. It definitely would work well on fixies. I have a bike that I may be able to put this on which would be nice since it doesn't have a full chain case and I love wide legged pants.

Interbike Style: Best Dressed Booth

My Pick for "Best Dressed Booth" at Interbike goes to the guys of Fourth Floor Distribution:

Interbike 4th Floor 2

Everyone I met working in the booth looked great. The booth itself looked great. The bikes looked great. The bags looked great. Love!

Interbike 4th Floor 1

I'll admit that when I read about the attraction to Canadian boys over on Velo Vogue I didn't quite get it. But seriously just in this photo are four adorable Canadians (plus Josef and yours truly). I can only imagine the multitude of chic cycling eye-candy available in Toronto. If I weren't a happily married woman I'd be packing up my car for a Canadian road trip of undetermined duration. Did I mention that they were awesome and funny and super cool? 'Cuz they totally were. Oh, and the accents were just icing on the Canadian cupcake.

Interbike 4th Floor 3

He was wearing a Darth Vader belt buckle! I love it!

PS. I'll be posting more on the actual product a bit later.

Edited to add a link to their blog.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hot Bikes of Interbike: Linus

There is so much to say about Interbike. I am going to start with my most exciting discovery. Linus.

Interbike Linus 1

Interbike Linus 3

Interbike Linus 4

Interbike Linus 5

Interbike Linus 2

Can I tell you how excited I am to show these to you? I had somehow not heard of this company until the last day at Interbike. I am so embarrassed because they are local. Any way. I just stumbled upon them and about fainted at the beauty of these bikes. They are so pretty and at a decent price. I did not have a chance to take them for a test ride but I plan on making a trip out there this week to do that. Linus Bikes are awesome at first and second glance. From my overexcited brief examination of the bikes they are really nicely made compared to other similar bikes. Adam was not even phased by how excitedly giddy I was when I saw their booth. I can't wait to get to know these bikes better. I actually think I saw one of these bikes in my neighborhood on Monday of this week but did not have my camera out and was on foot and could not catch up to the woman riding the shiny red dutch style bike (possibly a Dutchi?).

Peeking Painting


Look! Bikes do Belong. This is in Culver City around a constructions site.

PS. Interbike rocked, lots to follow!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Huntington Beach Bikes

Huntington Slant

Huntington Cruiser

Huntington 2

There were so many bikes at Huntington Beach Labor Day weekend. They also have tons of bike lanes painted around there.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Retro in Plaid

O20 Plaid Shirt

A very spiffy outfit spotted on this gentleman at Orange 20 Bikes. I don't know how I managed it but none of the photos I took of his awesome Banana spoke card came out. his bikes colors are well chosen.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Face of Bicycle Joy

O20 Caryl

This is Caryl. She's adorable. We went to Orange 20 Bikes together to test out some bikes and had a great time. She is a photographer and posts her images over at Change Your Life Ride a Bike. She is demonstrating that Human+Bike=Smile.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Orange 20 Bikes Again

Hey what is that?

O20 Pash Window

Could it be? No not in LA. But, yes. Yes, it is. It's a Pashley Princess Sovereign! She is over at Orange 20 Bikes.

O20 Pashley Test

I took it for a spin, well another spin actually. The first time I took it out I so strongly disliked it that I could bring myself to write about it because so many people love their Pashley's. I thought either I am odd or the bike was off. Well this second test proved that it was the bike that was off. The first time the ride was really rough and uncomfortable and I could barely ride it around the block. This time it was much smoother. I am sure that it helped that they were able to raise the seat for me this time. Last time the seat was almost all the way down and me knees were higher than my hips when I was pedaling. Anyway, I thought the ride was much nicer this time and I can see how everyone can enjoy it so much. I think a larger size frame would be better for me for fit and weight as this bike feels light compared to the lovely Kronan and even lovelier Gazelle Toer Populaire. The hard thing about test riding these european style city bikes at Orange 20 is that that is not their specialty and if you ask a question about it there is a good chance they won't know so be prepared to make a note to self while test riding and then go home and google any answers you might need. If you are looking for a road bike or fixed gear they have tons of answers for you.

O20 Delivery

I also got to take the Personal Delivery bike for a spin. It was nice though someone did something weird to the handle bars.

Oh and I was silly and left my phone in the basket while I was test riding the Pashley and because of the trustworthyness of the Orange 20 customers and staff it was still there when I went to get it the next afternoon. Yay!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Blue Bike Blue Dress

Bike Oven Simon

This is Simon. Spotted entering the Bike Oven while I was paying a visit to Josef over at Flying Pigeon LA. Blue dress matches the blue bike. She rides in a dress on a bike without coat guards or even fenders. Chic-in' it up without fear. Fabulous!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Grunge Girl

Grunge Girl

I have to admit that this is pretty much exactly how I dressed in the early to mid-90s. I like the change up from the usual hipsters that I see in the 80s retro looks.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rolled Out of Bed & Rollin'


Looks like he rolled out of bed showered and rolled on down the street.

Beautiful Beach Commute

One of LACC's readers submitted this video of her commute from work. I think it shows just how beautiful cycling in LA can be.

Thanks for letting us post this here.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Batavus Breukelen & Diva

I made a trip to Flying Pigeon LA over the weekend and look what I found!


I got to take the Breukelen for a test ride at last. Josef was just unpacking it and I was delighted that he was able to quickly get it set up so that I could take it out before I had to leave. First I have to say that the bike was a bit small for me. My long arms felt squished. As I have said before I can't exactly give a fair review of a bike that doesn't fit me. However I have to say something about it. I am undecided on the look of the bike. I like the matte black and the limited logos. I am not wild about the shape of the bottom tube. I thought the 7 gears were nice and the coat guard and the chaincase. The bike is lighter than the other bikes I have tried before because it is an aluminum frame. I was not incredibly pleased with the ride. It wasn't terrible. It was stiff and the bumps in LA are not nice. I think that there are plenty of people who would love this bike.

Batavus Diva

They also had a pair of Divas which were a real treat. So Lucky was I. First off I have to say I do not care for the flowers and frilly look of the saddle grips and fenders on this model. The lavender bike had a solid black saddle though. I took it out for a ride anyway. The bike was so nice to ride. I am going with the tires as the reason. The tires are wide and cushy. It is sportier than the other Batavus bikes I've ridden. It is an aluminum frame but it didn't feel as stiff as the Bruekelen. It was also the larger size frame and I am assuming that would make it a bit heavier. It was a lot of fun and I would definitely recommend trying it out if you get the chance.

So after taking these two bikes for a ride I as I had been hoping to do for such a long time I was thinking more about what it is that I want in my bike. I was talking about the options with Josef and The Hubby. I was asking if it would be a pain to add more gears to the 3 speed Diva. Josef said it is kinda pricey and a pain. The Hubby suggested ordering the Breukelen in the larger size and putting fatter tires on it. I am not sure if that would be best. The fenders don't seem to have a lot of room for the extra width and height. Maybe I should take a chance and order the Fryslân in my size and put fatter tires on it and get a new saddle. Then there is always the Kronan. At that price spending a little extra for a few more gears doesn't seem like a big deal and that thing is soooo smooth.

Maybe should consider spending a fortune on a balloon tire bike like the Retrovelo or Velorbis Scrap Deluxe. Why don't the balloon tire bikes have coat guards? Maybe I just need to get up to Santa Barbara to test an Azor. Anybody live on hills that rides an Azor? I'd love to hear your thoughts on that. I have only seen one in LA. Maybe I need an A.N.T bike. Anyone have a Boston Roadster that they want to let me take for a test ride? Though it doesn't look like the tires on the BR are very wide. If I weren't worried about the brain and spine of my little one being injured by the constant potholes around LA I'd be less worried about that. The bumps give me a headache. Though the Gazelles will be in California next month and the Miss Grace is intriguing. It has Fat Franks.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bikes & Coffee


Apparently LA bikes love coffee as much as the people do. They even get prime "patio" seating with their owners.
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