Friday, October 30, 2009

Brightening up a bland basket

Cosmo just mentioned how much she likes to see baskets. They're certainly becoming more popular nowadays, which I think is just great. It's nice to see useful accessories like baskets, especially when they've got a little personal touch. In this case, it's a silk flower adding a splash of sunny color. (Apologies for the low res photo!)

2 Caps


Two guys, two bikes, two caps. Two very different interpretations of cycling appropriate attire. Skinny pants man has the right idea in my book, even if he is wearing skinny jeans. Though I am not sure if this look on men is going to grow on me or if it is just not good.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009



A welcome sight on my morning commute. I love to see a basket on a bike. And cycling in platform wedges? Well done! So much easier than walking.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Gentleman in Business Casual


Pulled this photo out of my file just for Jeff. I was so surprised to se a tie on a person on a bike that I dug out my camera and snapped this from the passenger seat. I love how he is rolling by the gas station. I also had taken these a while ago:

Fully Suited

Flying Pigeon

Hot Bikes of Interbike: Globe

Meet Globe. This display caught my eye as it is an urban cycling set up with parking meter and all. They are clearly designed with the urban cycling hipster in mind but these bikes are beautiful. They are available in attractive colors. They do not look to be the utmost in comfort and utility but they have racks and a fairly relaxed geometry on some! There is even a carbon drive model which will keep you neat and clean while you ride. I did not get a chance to test ride any so all observations are superficial but they are definitely worth a test.






Monday, October 26, 2009

LA Cycle Chic Ride: Shopping on Melrose


Come join LA Cycle Chic for a really relaxed ride to shopping on Melrose. We'll meet at Scoops and people can get ice cream while they are getting ready to ride or if people prefer they can get ice cream after or not at all. Scoops is vegan friendly. Also Pure Luck vegan restaurant is right across the street in case people want to get dinner after. There are also plenty of places along the route if we need refreshment. The Metro Redline stops as Vermont & Santa Monica and it is a short ride from there to where we are meeting. Parking can be tricky in the area so plan to arrive early if you are driving. As a group we'll decide how much shopping we do. Dress should be chic. I hope you can make it.

Edit: If you are planning on attending please sign up to follow us on Twitter that way we can tweet where we are and you can tweet us and everyone can K.I.T.

Hot Bikes of Interbike: Biomega

The Biomega booth was very sleek and the Puma Booth was super vibrant. I think the baskets were very interesting.






Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

Beauty And The Bike

I just discovered this film Beauty And The Bike on Youtube. It looks really great! I hope that it comes to LA. Watch & enjoy.

Edit: Does anyone know how one would get a film here from the UK for a screening/premier if one wanted to? If they aren't planning to bring the film her I'd love to know if there is anyway to bring it without thousands of my very own dollars.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hot Bikes of Interbike: Electrics

The first e-bike I saw that wasn't hideous was this blue iZip bike.


Then I saw these Kilowatt bikes. I thought they looked pretty cool for being electric assist. I wish that I had gotten a chance to take one for a ride, but I didn't come to their booth until the end of the last day of Interbike. I love that one of the frames is a mixte style. I love the argyle detail and the colors. The awesome iridescent purple/blue color was apparently a mistake gone terribly right and now is a production color. It looks really nice in person.



Sunset Breeze


Enjoying the breeze he created.

Save the Date

November 7, 2009

Sometime in the late afternoon/early evening.
Meet-N-Greet Bike Ride With Shopping and Dining/Snacking
LA Cycle Chic's 1st Social Ride

This may be a good time to get started on your holiday shopping.
More info coming soon.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Interbike Momentum Urban Legend Fashion Show

Ok, so I had a hard time with the fashion show at Interbike. I guess that I expected it to be more fashion than cycling gear, but the majority of the clothes in the show were "cycling clothes" and I don't really approve of "cycling clothes". Everything in one's closet is appropriate for cycling. Although there were beautiful Fluevogs. Even though I can't wear them anymore due to the fact they are made of cow I still think they are beautiful and comfortable shoes. I think that if you are riding a century or traveling across the US then some of these clothes would be useful. Also if spandex people would switch to these cycling clothes then it would make cycling seem less odd and sporty which may help people to feel less intimidated by bikes. The Po Campo and Queen Bee bags were cute. The Madesn, Batavus BUB and the Handsome Cycles were great to see. As far as the clothes I thought that in general the guys were much better put together than the ladies were. No wonder women don't want to ride bikes.

Ok. Here are the best of my photos of the show.















Bike Ninjas were not left out.




The official Momentum video.

Here is the link to more info about the show. I am in a photo at the bottom of the page!

Batavus SCS Spirit



I stopped by Flying Pigeon LA before I lost my camera and got to take the Batavus SCS Spirit for a test ride. It was weird and slightly terrifying because I had never ridden a diamond frame before or a bike with straight bars so it was kinda scary at first and I felt like I was going to fall forward onto my face. I feel silly about that now because I look at the photos and It is not that far forward. It is just so different than the super relaxed Pashley and Townie that I own and ride.

Anyway once I got over the difference I found the bike to be pretty fun. It is much quicker feeling than the other Batavuses that I have tested. It is very agile and zippy. The Hubby thinks it is a great bike for the US commuters that go for this type of bike. The weight and smoothness of ride are really nice. We thought a certain person that we know would love this bike if it came small enough for her. I would definitely recommend this bike if this is the kind of bike you go for. I, however, am going to stick with a more upright riding position for at least a little while longer.

No chain guard but it does have an O-Lock


The grips are comfy despite the shape of the bars.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ginger Cruiser

Green Hoodie

Cruising by the Linus Bikes.

Bikes For Sale (possibly)

We are clearing out some space in the living room by selling some bikes. 19 bikes was just too much and claustrophobia has begun to set in here. The Hubby is selling his white Biomega Amsterdam, and since he is selling his I am considering letting mine go too since we won't match anymore. The Japanese Import is probably going to go just for the fact that we don't have room for collecting bikes and the bike is too small for me to ride comfortably. There is a possiblity the Raleighs may go as well though I don't really want to because they are soo pretty and match. But space is needed. The Gazelle (if I keep the Raleigh), and the Batavus may also go though The Hubby wants the Batavus I think. If anyone is interested let me know by shooting me an email, my addy is in the side bar.

Linus Bikes Dutchi

I went by Linus Bikes in Venice a couple weeks ago to take a bike for a spin. I would have posted back sooner, but embarrassingly I lost my camera. But now I've found it and can share with you.

Linus Bikes 1
The bikes really do stand out everyone who walked by stared as they passed the chick in the photo stopped to take a photo.

Linus Bikes 4
The View from the street.

Linus Bikes 3
The courtyard.

Linus 3
The showroom.

Linus Bikes 8
The ride was surprisingly smooth for the price. The saddle was decent. The riding position felt really nice even though I would have preferred a larger frame size. It feels light and zippy like my Raleigh but smoother. The bike is definitely a great bike to consider if you are looking at the Pashley but have a considerably smaller budget than the Pashley requires and can manage with only 1 or 3 gears. Though they do recommend keeping these bikes out of the elements to avoid rust situations so that is something to consider. Hopefully they will do well and be able to offer more sizes and more colors.

Linus Bikes 6
The Hubby tells me Tektro brakes are decent brakes. Wish they were roller brakes though. Rim brakes are not flowy skirt friendly.

Linus Bikes 5
Nexus internal hub gears.

Linus Bikes 7
Another view of the brakes, rear this time.
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