Saturday, November 17, 2012

An Introduction

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to introduce myself to you. I am the person that got Cosmo hooked on bicycles, known here as "The Hubby." As her husband she had to put up with my love of bikes for so long that it was inevitable that she began to like them too. She is way more stylish than I am and the little bit of style I have is from being around her.

I have always been very proud of her for this blog. She invited me to contribute a while back, but I was reluctant because I did not want to contaminate the wonderful things she has done. So I finally decided to help out and I am introducing myself so you understand that my tastes and priorities are different than hers. For example, I will post very rough amateurish photos taken with my cellphone. I also want to make sure that you know that our core values about bikes are the same. For example, although I like to ride fast I think spandex is embarrassing.

So here is one of those amateurish photos of myself with our girls as we walked with my bike. Check out that cool canister on my bike.

I hope to be posting here frequently.


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