Friday, December 18, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Couple?


Not quite sure why this woman was with this guy because she is dressed to go somewhere and he looks like he forgot his pants.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Lights of LADWP

The family went to the LADWP light show which is only open to bikes one night and the rest of the nights are for cars and pedestrians. We went despite the reasons not to. I figure if no one goes to bike night then they can just say we don't have more bike nights because no one comes to the bike night that we do have. I have never been to see the lights before because the line of cars waiting to get through is usually about 1 1/2 hours. I cannot imagine sitting that long in my car to look at lights. I am glad that I went on bike night because I would have been super disappointed after a long wait. However by bike I could ride past the lights over and over there was no exhaust to inhale. We got to smile at other light viewers as we passed. We could stop and take photos and chat with strangers. I would imagine it would be much less fun by car driving once slowly through the fairly lame light display. I have seen peoples provate homes with much more impressive lighting. But again the Holiday spirit was there and I had quite a good time, Even though it was super cold.








Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Rainy Day in LA

Yesterday was a rainy day here in LA. It was chilly too. Still cyclists persisted. There were more cyclists on the road than I have here, but not all of my photos came out well. I don't get a lot of practice shooting in the rain. Anyway despite the fact that most people here don't own rain gear there were plenty of people out wearing their normal clothes. Though I did see much more black than I usually do. I guess rain makes them feel a bit more east coast. Didn't see many ladies on bikes in the rain though. In fact I only saw one and she was carrying an umbrella. I was so disappointed that pic was no good. I have a project in mind so that the next rainy day I can come up with an excuse to go somewhere and I will go out, or maybe we should plan a rainy day ladies tweet-up?






After the Rain came the rainbow!


Bye, Bye, Biomega

I recently sold my Biomega Amsterdam. It was fun while I had it but it wasn't the right bike for me. It was too modern looking and the light aluminum frame did not give the comfortingly sturdy ride that I get from my Pashley. The Bike will be much happier now that it will be ridden more regularly instead of gathering dust in my living room while it waits for me to choose an outfit that matches it. Anyway it now belongs to Kate and her family who I met at the Get Sum Dim Sum ride. I am glad that I kinda know the bikes new family I am sure I'll get to see it around town from time to time.




I hope they'll be very happy together. I did make a little video of it to remember it by that I'll throw on YouTube soon.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Black Kids on Bikes Freedom Ride

I was really happy to be invited to the Black Kids on Bikes' Freedom Ride last Sunday. I was not able to ride with them but I was able to stop by their meeting location to take some photos. I find that it is a bit of a challenge to find other black people on bikes who are not wearing spandex. I think I've photographed less than five. Though there was one spandex sighting at the ride most of the people were totally dressed in normal clothes. I wish that there were more women on the ride. But it was still more than I usually see. The majority of bikes there were fixie, road, and mountain type bikes. Sadly there were no city bikes there. I think that if I were to ride with them I would have to get the mixte ready to roll (anyone want to meet me at Bicycle Kitchen?). Also as a newbie cyclist who really loathes the idea of perspiration, watching them take off looked super fast and it sounded like they were going really far. They say that it is a ride for everyone and no one will be left behind, but I think I might feel bad for holding them up.



You remember Dre and his violet Bianchi from this photo. He has more than one shirt that coordinates with his bike. Also he has two blue wheels with green spokes now not just the rear.


What a smile.



Pedro is one of the ride organizers.








Bike tank and scarf coordination.


So Happy to see someone in a skirt with fab boots! And she was on a Mixte!


I think that the idea behind this ride is really great. Not regularly seeing people who look like you doing a thing kinda makes it seem like you shouldn't do it or even can't. It is awesome to see that everyone can use bikes for transportation.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bikes With Bags


A bike and a moped? Ok, I'll admit it. Not really sure what the red bike is but the two chatted for a bit at the red light.
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