Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Batavus SCS Spirit



I stopped by Flying Pigeon LA before I lost my camera and got to take the Batavus SCS Spirit for a test ride. It was weird and slightly terrifying because I had never ridden a diamond frame before or a bike with straight bars so it was kinda scary at first and I felt like I was going to fall forward onto my face. I feel silly about that now because I look at the photos and It is not that far forward. It is just so different than the super relaxed Pashley and Townie that I own and ride.

Anyway once I got over the difference I found the bike to be pretty fun. It is much quicker feeling than the other Batavuses that I have tested. It is very agile and zippy. The Hubby thinks it is a great bike for the US commuters that go for this type of bike. The weight and smoothness of ride are really nice. We thought a certain person that we know would love this bike if it came small enough for her. I would definitely recommend this bike if this is the kind of bike you go for. I, however, am going to stick with a more upright riding position for at least a little while longer.

No chain guard but it does have an O-Lock


The grips are comfy despite the shape of the bars.


  1. gaaahhh. I kinda like this bike a lil bit.

  2. You are the "certain person" we had in mind. It would be perfect for you.


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