Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Linus Bikes Dutchi

I went by Linus Bikes in Venice a couple weeks ago to take a bike for a spin. I would have posted back sooner, but embarrassingly I lost my camera. But now I've found it and can share with you.

Linus Bikes 1
The bikes really do stand out everyone who walked by stared as they passed the chick in the photo stopped to take a photo.

Linus Bikes 4
The View from the street.

Linus Bikes 3
The courtyard.

Linus 3
The showroom.

Linus Bikes 8
The ride was surprisingly smooth for the price. The saddle was decent. The riding position felt really nice even though I would have preferred a larger frame size. It feels light and zippy like my Raleigh but smoother. The bike is definitely a great bike to consider if you are looking at the Pashley but have a considerably smaller budget than the Pashley requires and can manage with only 1 or 3 gears. Though they do recommend keeping these bikes out of the elements to avoid rust situations so that is something to consider. Hopefully they will do well and be able to offer more sizes and more colors.

Linus Bikes 6
The Hubby tells me Tektro brakes are decent brakes. Wish they were roller brakes though. Rim brakes are not flowy skirt friendly.

Linus Bikes 5
Nexus internal hub gears.

Linus Bikes 7
Another view of the brakes, rear this time.

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