Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Tweed, Moxie & Mustache Ride

I have to admit I am a bit jealous that C.I.C.L.E. got to the tweed ride before I did, but I am taking babysteps with my ride organizing and I am sure that they will do a super job with it. Reposting here from


The Tweed, Moxie & Mustache Ride

A reunion of wool, bare knees, slanted caps and facial hair - the Tweed, Moxie & Mustache Ride awaits you on Saturday, November 21st, hosted by C.I.C.L.E. Chaps and dames will enjoy this cheeky ride through the Art Deco highlights of Downtown Los Angeles.

Uniting at Union Station as the those in the 1920’s would have, we will ride in our finest garb through the oldest streets of our fine city and arrive at Royal Claytons English Pub, a gin mill of sorts, to have some whoopee and award prizes to our contest superlatives.

We’ll meet at Union Station in front of the south courtyard and conclude with an option to stay for a post-ride hooch (aka adult beverage) at Royal Claytons Pub.

This ride is the bee’s knees!

Contest Categories include:
Best Facial Hair
Best Period Outfit
Best Common Bike and Tweed Pairing
Most Graceful Mount and Dismount

Ride Details:
When: Saturday, November 21 at 12:30pm. Tour starts at 1:00pm.

Where: Meet at Union Station in front of the South Courtyard. 810 N Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA

Who: You, your friends, in you finest cycling garb.

What to Bring: Bring plenty of water and a snack too. A bicycle in good running order (please have your bike inspected and tuned at least once a year at your local bike shop). All participants under 18 must wear a helmet and be escorted by a parent or guardian. Children under age 9 should be on a tag-a-long, bike trailer, tandem, or other safe child-carrying device. Please equip your bike with a white headlight and red tail light.

Urban Expeditions is a program developed by C.I.C.L.E. that works to grow bicycling by inviting everyday people to come out and experience the joys (and the benefits) of city bicycling. For more information about Urban Expeditions visit Urban Expeditions is made possible with support from REI.

For more information contact C.I.C.L.E. 323.478.0060, or email info (at)

Now what am I going to wear? It had better be smashingly good because there is no way I am winning a graceful mount/dismount award nor will I be able to grow a mustache. And which bike do I ride the Pashley or the Raleigh?


  1. I love seeing all the Edwardian and art deco-style posters for the tweed rides!

  2. This is perfect timing - the air has got a bite in it, making it just right for warm clothes on a bike ride AND I just got Bicycle Fixation clothes at my shop! Woo hoo!

  3. Too bad its in the middle of the day - a 4pm ride time would have brought in more chill and the mystery of night riding...

  4. That is true, night tides are fun, but I like that it is a family friendly time. Getting kids to be able to see how much fun cycling can be is always good. CICLE is awesome about making it possible for moms(and dads) like me to be able to attend a social ride without having to pay $50 or more for a babysitter. People with night time flexibility have a wide range of cycling choices of night time rides. The rest of us usually have to miss out on them.

  5. Also riding in the night would prevent people from seeing the wonderful tweed outfits.

  6. Hi there Cosmo! It's Kate -- the indecisive bike shopper who went on the ride yesterday. I still haven't made a decision, but wanted to say it was nice to meet you and I enjoy your blog. Also, I realized we'll be out of town this weekend and won't be able to make it to the Tweed ride. Did you hear this story about the DC version on NPR:

  7. Hi Kate. Glad you stopped by to share! I had to tweet it in case other cyclists missed that too. Miss S has been asking when Miss Z is coming over to ride in the bakfiets again.


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