Thursday, April 22, 2010

The bikes of Coachella 2010

The Coachella music festival is always a fascinating study in style. And some people bring their bikes along for the ride! This year's festival featured a DJ set-up that was entirely people-powered. Bikes, giant hamster wheels, and a seesaw converted movement to electricity to keep the music flowing.
Riding by night, one group had their bikes decorated with star-shaped Christmas lights (which my disposable camera didn't capture very well). Pedicabs also wheeled about the grounds, ferrying tired music-lovers back to the campgrounds. An altogether excellent weekend; it's a shame that I didn't capture more of the lovely bikes & lovely riders!


  1. Lovely photos. I can't wait until Miss S is old enough that we can go to coachella together.

  2. this is a lovely set. i can almost feel the warm sunny weather this way :D


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