Monday, May 17, 2010

The First Moms' Ride: Bike to Brunch


We had a great time at brunch at M Cafe. and a very chill ride though Culver City. The turn out was small but it was nice. We were able to enjoy our brunch. Well at least as much as you can enjoy brunch with 4 preschoolers running around your table. I took Miss S on the Townie which I never ride in my neighborhood because of the hills but CC is so flat the super relaxed riding position is great. I took the Bobike Jr. for the first time and it was so weird having her behind me. I am so used to the Bobike Mini and the bakfiets where she rides where I can see her. Also The Hubby(my Macguyver wanna be) stripped a bolt on the seat while moving it over from the Batavus and it wasn't attached quite properly and it came unrigged as we were ending our ride. A was kind enough to haul Miss S the final bit of the trip to the park in her trailer with H. Riding the Townie was also an adventure because it has no fenders or basket or rack or lights or bell(though I borrowed the Pashley's). I felt a bit naked. How is a mom to carry all her mom stuff without a basket or rack? I was excited to hear a couple of "look mommy"s from other kids while we were out and we got lots of smiles from people on the streets and in cars.

The ladies who made it were moms from Miss S's school. A(on the green Townie) is getting to be a regular sight on her bike dropping off H which is awesome to see. V(on the Raleigh) is not a usual bike drop off mom. In fact this was her first time taking her daughters D and C on a bike trip at all. It was their first time in a trailer and they all seemed to have a great time. We got everyone off of the sidewalks and on the street where we can be seen, which was so much easier in CC than it is in Silverlake because the lanes are so much wider. The passing cars were like 6 feet away it was a bit like heaven for me. V was all for planning another outing like this. I am so glad I did this. Hopefully we'll get some more ladies and kiddies to join us.


Since this was Sunday which is officially the day before the LGRAB Summer Games was to begin I figure this is a good start. A social ride and inviting a non cycling friend on a ride. I will not be a cheater though and will try to fit everything in during the allotted time period.

LGRAB Summer long


  1. You've inspired me to organize a non-serious ride of sorts. Perhaps in June when my stupid schoolwork isn't plaguing me:)


  2. Do! It was so much easier than the Cycle Chic ride and we just rode wherever we decided.

  3. Glad to see you had a group ride in beautiful CC. I wanted to come, but the lure of Adam's Museum of the Arroyo Day ride was just too good to pass up.

    I plan on riding the Culver City Family Ride

    This is info from their website:
    Saturday May 22nd, 10:00AM-12:00PM

    The Culver City Family Ride will feature two great rides for riders of all abilities: An easy paced ride under 10 miles and a faster paced ride under 20 miles. Both rides will bike the proposed improvements from the Culver City Bicycle Network Initiative.

    The Culver City Family Ride starts and ends at Veteran’s Memorial Park Children’s Playground. 4117 Overland Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

  4. I had been planning on going to the Culver City Family ride but The Hubby is going to be working a table at the Pasadena Bike Week Families and Bikes Day so I am not sure how that is going to work since we live in between the two places and only have one car and I am not really up for super long hilly rides these days.


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