Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pink Bikes & Cupcakes

I decorated my Bike. Since I have been riding the Townie more now that I have this increasing bump I thought I ought to try and make Miss S's Bobike seat match the bike a little bit better and I added a new white basket and a headlight. All I need now is a cute bell, she is borrowing the Pashley's for now.:



Miss S Wanted in on the Bike Decorating and added a couple of bells to her electra which she is in the process of learning to ride:


The fabric I covered the seat pads in is leftover yardage from her birthday dress. She loves cupcakes and being a princess.


And then Miss S wanted to direct the photo shoot so I let her pose us.


Gazelle Mixte Gets a Little Attention

My Gazelle mixte has not really been ridden yet and has been waiting on some work to be done. So, I changed a tire:





The serious hazard of changing my own tire:


This is my Maintenance Task for:

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Graduation Cycle Chic

A bike is a very appropriate way to get to graduation. Caltech commencement, 2010. Photo credit: Laainam "Best" Chaipornkaew

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010

Bike Date

I Had a Bike Date Breakfast with The Hubby. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day and Miss S. was having a similar problem. By the time we dropped her off at school I was in a foul mood. I didn't really want to go on the date, but The Hubby was insistent. We rode to M Cafe for food:



There was much sillyness:

Pandas were taken:



By the end of the morning I was a new woman.

This is my Bike Date-Get Dressed Up for:

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bike Town Beta Family Ride

The family attended Bike Town Beta 3 Kids ride. It was a good time.


Kathy's Critters brought all kinds of creepy crawly things.




There was face painting and spoke card making.


Miss S's very first SnoCone ever!

The Hubby made some adjustments to the Pashley and tested it out before he let me ride it. But I did most of the real riding with Miss S on the shortish ride led by C.I.C.L.E.



We ended the day with Popcicles from the Popcycle.

This is my Family Ride Submission for:

Friday, June 4, 2010

DC Seersucker Social with the Dandies and Quaintrelles

The Seersucker Social from Eric Brewer on Vimeo.

Holy sexy seersucker, Batman! I know this isn't LA, but it is super chic. I must admit that I love this idea of a seersucker social. The tweed ride is fun, but this is LA and it gets super hot here. It was over 80 at the Tweed II ride. Too hot for Tweed. Seersucker is much more SoCal weather friendly. Also my animal friendly bias is appeased by the lack of wool that need be involved in a Seersucker Social. Finding synthetic Tweed is a huge problem. I end up resorting to vintage that I have had for more years than I have been vegan. Huge Props to the Dandies and Quaintrelles for coming up with such a fab idea and beautiful video. If you are in the DC Area go and take lots of photos! My Lil' sis just moved to DC and I am certainly tempted to use her as an excuse to fly across the country with Miss S and the Pashley.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cycle Chic Sundays Santa Monica

I was so excited when Eva of Evoluer & Cycle Chic Sundays contacted me about helping to organize a ride through Santa Monica. I have been a bit too tired to plan a social ride all on my own for LA Cycle Chic due to the family situation, and Heather and Caryl have been busy too. This was perfect.

It was a great time cruising through the streets of Santa Monica. I hadn't seen Christa, Caryl and Heather in ages and I was pleased to meet Eva and her friends even though I felt like a bit of an old lady. We made stops at Peets Coffee & Tea and Urth Cafe where I ordered the most delicious vegan chocolate cake in LA. It is so delicious it is evil.

Miss S had a great time and I think I have mastered the new child seat that I used on the Townie. On the previous two attempts I made the mistake of dismounting the bike before she did and it kid of tipped. This time was smooth boarding. Yay, Bobike Jr. seat. I was also pleased that I survived the length of the ride. With my ever increasing figure I get tired sooner than I usually do, but the rides pace was relaxed and I was fine and woke up on Monday feeling fantastic. More Bikes Please!












I am looking forward to Heather and Caryl posting their Photos of the ride here soon. My pics are only average but theirs are beautiful! I have yet to master riding/shooting/child toting.

This is my LGRAB Summer Games Social Cycling Social Ride

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